#37 mothblossom/ tiny tiny diamond

flowers smell you



up over the




and they discover



making moth-dark holes


bare the found

in patches


this blossoms

and dust

is just


tiny diamonds


© BC Carruthers 2021

*Notes: My inspiration for this was the gorgeous song “moth” by Faun Fables.

#34 Classical stories of Sleepytime

The corpse of light

The waxwork ones

performed their Grand Guerilla Dada

The grandest vinyl Salamander

replace the bonus history

Naturally and gloriously

with mastered time that speaks for me


© B C Carruthers 2021

Note: This piece has a – perhaps surprisingly- fun meaning. If there’s anybody out there who happens to understand what ( or…*hint hint*.. who) I drew my inspiration from here we are instant friends.

#32 Trailing Medusa

© BC Carruthers 2021

More cut-ups. Made from leftovers of last night‘s insomniacal* ( yes, I just made that word up) escapades.

It’s probably quite obvious what’s going on here, but if anyone is confused as to what the cut-up method is, or how to do it, I wrote instructions back here. There are several fun ways of approaching this technique, however, and as someone who’s not interested in being a purist of any kind, I’d suggest experimenting to come up with something that works for you.

At the risk of plugging my own work too much here, I once experimented with bringing some structure/ meter into the cut-up process. This was a fun challenge, which I think I might have to try again soon. Obviously, here we’re getting further and further away from the original point of cut-ups. But as much as I do love using cut-ups as a form of almost-cartomancy, I’m more invested in generating new ideas through experimentation.

*an adjective to describe a person with insomnia or an activity carried out in this state.

#31 Jelluciferianism/ the god as Jellyfish

© BC Carruthers 2021

Fun with cut-up technique. This time I fed my chosen text(s) into an online cut-up generator first, which saved lots of time! Once the text had been nicely mangled and “randomised” by the generator, I printed it out, and cut it up. Further mangling ensued! (Well..I say “mangling”… “arrangement” would be more exact. I’ve mentioned before that I’ve no qualms about removing words that I find superfluous, or rearranging the order of things so that they’re more aesthetically pleasing. Oddly, I found that I didn’t have to interfere with things too much this time, though).

I have plenty of words/ nonsensical sentences left over from this exercise, so if Jellyfish theism is your thing ( and why wouldn’t it be?), your tastes will certainly be catered for over the coming weeks!

#30 Delights in alphabetical order

Part 1:

Apples with stars inside; Avocado; Art; alliteration

Beholding the Bower Bird’s brilliant blue bounty

Curry with Cumin and Coriander coexist with creative creatures and their chaos and cats; Clouds

Dazzling Dragonflies delightfully distracting; dream inducing

Eleven; egg shape; Elvish; embers

Flame flavoured Fragments of Faery Faith; Fauns

Gardens growing garrulous with green greetings and glee; Gathering Gladness

Part 2:

Highlands and Hinterlands; Heliotropism; Hilarity

Indigo iterations of infinitesimal intimacies; icing and incense; imagination’s insistence;

Jabberwocky; Jack-o-lantern; Jaffa; Jazz;

Kites; Kimonos; Kookaburras and Kingparrots,

Laughter; learning; leadlight lanterns and lingering lightning; licorice; lace; lakes and leisure

Music; Moonrise; mountains and mist; mythology, magic and mushrooms

Nature and nourishment; noodles; naps; notebooks of nothingness; necessity of novelty

Part 3:

Oddities; offerings; Old Oaks and omens

Poetic ponderings; perfumed posies; parcels; pockets; pixies; picnics and play in picturesque parklands

Quests and questions; quicksilver quips; quintessential quirks; quartz; quality

Rainsound on rooftop; rainbows radiant; Raspberry red; reading

Summer storms; seaspray; song; soulmates; sunsets; spiderwebs; simplicity

Teapots and tastings; toastings and tipsyness; Tinyhouse talks; talismans; tartan; tessellations

Uniqueness unbound and unconfined; unconventional underground understandings; umlauts

Part 4:

Vanilla; vintage; variety; velvet; violinists; Venus; vibrant verdancy; vernacular; verbosity

Witchiness; Winter; wild woods and wildflowers; waterlilies; wine; windchimes; whimsy; wyrd



End notes/ explanations: Obviously this is by no means an exhaustive list. I’d be here for years if I were to type out EVERY thing on earth that delights me. It would undoubtedly be a great exercise in gratitude, but it’d be very boring to read. (Hopefully this wasn’t boring already on its own. It’s pretty feckin’ long compared to my usual quick ‘n’ dirty posts. Hopefully someone somewhere will find that they relate to at least some of the things I’ve mentioned. I guess I’m trying to connect).

Eleven refers to my lucky number, not the girl from ‘Stranger Things’, although I loved that show ( and the eighties-ish synthy horror soundtrack)

Yes, ‘Y’ and ‘Z” are missing. I do like the colour yellow, and I also enjoy the yolk of eggs, but they didn’t contain enough meaning for me on their own. For ‘X’, I could’ve written “Xylophones”, because I do actually enjoy those…but c’mon.

Lastly: I do have a habit of merging two ( or more) words together. For today it was to preserve flow and allow alliteration, but it’s also just something I do in general. It’s a bit German of me. Which is interesting, because I’m not German.